Vintage Moroccan rug Authentic Morrocan rug Boujaad Rug Pink Rug Orange Rug Morocco rug living room rug tribal rug

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This unique gem is an authentic 70s boujaad rug. A beautiful mix of orange pink and blue and other that make up for a beautiful palette.

Shipping to door via Express DHL 3-5 days after order worldwide, at discounted rate with tracking #

PLUS: +Precious Moroccan gift from me to you with every rug purchase! 🌸

Please, don't hesitate to message or email any questions to me regarding the piece, OR any custom size /colors order, and I'll respond promptly.

- All vintage items are washed and dried professionally before shipment. (most are already ready to ship) Please allow 1-3 days before shipping your piece out and sending you the Tracking Number. You will receive your order to your door by DHL Express + your gift :)

Thank you for supporting us Berber mountain artisans, and enabling us to further do good in our community. All rugs are made and curated with love.

~ Ms Zayania Assya
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Moroccan rug with sequins. Vintage 1950s Authentic Moroccan rug Zayane rug zayan rug Morocco rug morrocan rug sequined rug wall rug