Vintage Azilal rug, "Blue Base" Moroccan rug, beautiful color palette Morrocan Rug Living Room Rug

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💙Sold for the previous owner who had made this for her wedding as tradition dictates. It was handdyed by her and all proceeds will go to help her and her family.
THIS WAS A PRECIOUS GIFT TO ME by a dear weaver, my dearest weaver. I had humbly taken her for goiters removal surgery (all went well♡) and as a thank you she surprise gifted me this precious guy that's worth a lot more than it s listed for. SINCE I DON'T HAVE THE SPACE FOR IT I thought I ll list it and surprise her with the proceeds she can use to buy some furniture for her home (she is part my fairly paid weavers, and i am there to help however i can, but we all have financial restraints, and she certainly can use some more money.

💙This is a unique rug that's different and tasteful. She has a modern taste, loved pastels, soft hues and thinks differently. Her rug base is blue!
💙She is very thoughtful and proud. She may be upset I sold the rug but I have a feeling she'll appreciate the reason why. And I for one would love to see what other lucky new owner will do of this rug that holds a beautiful story behind it.

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I'm Zayania. Artist berber Moroccan woman curating finest vintage rugs and also founder of fair trade newly made authentic zayania rugs.

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👉Our Azilal rugs the real Azilal ازيلال. Both vintage and new we offer are made traditionally (the real authentic Azilal rug with the small details, softest handspun wool and wool braids 1-2 color braids. Not to be confused with the mainstream knockoffs online. Please message me should you want more close up photos!🌸

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