Most precious Vintage Moroccan rug 1960, Unique Boujaad Rug, Collector Morrocan rug

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160 x 260 cm

Breathtaking Vintage Moroccan rug Made in the 1960s. heavy but fine too with just the right thickness for that authentic bohemian antique look and feel. Rare carpet from made in 1960.
It was an abstract by previous owner's late mother. I can't stop looking at the face at center.
This is the original artwork rug (in case you see knock offs of this stunning design in the future- now that I've listed it)

I absolutely adore this and have kept it for myself as personal collection of 3 most dearest rugs to me. bittersweet to list it.. but for dire reasons it has to go.

Please don't hesitate to message me any questions or even a hello, always happy to share info and heritage.

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