Moroccan Rug, Sequined Berber Rug, Intricate Work, Morrocan Rug, vintage Morocco rug, red rug

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175 X 94 cm
69 in x 37 in
3 ft x 5.75 ft

All proceeds to directly to the makers of these rugs (check the Beni Ourain ones too, also made carefully by this family)

PLEASE READ: Today I visited a lovely family of a mother and her two daughters. They make rugs and sell them whenever they need to make little money to provide for themselves. . I had tea and food with them.. even though they had so little, they welcomed me with Moroccan tea, honey, bread, rice and milk and more..
I'm not a rug hunter or reseller who thinks about own profit. It breaks my heart to see anyone need anything. And so instead of buying the piece and selling them, I'm posting them directly to you. All proceeds go directly to these families.
Ps: there's a boucherouite (rags carpet) rug in their living room and only rugs all around.. they want to sell some rugs to be able to buy proper seatings for their sleeping and living area.
They'll be making new rugs which I'll be offering to help them consistently. Thank you for reading !!❤

Shipping to door via Express DHL 3-5 days after order worldwide, at discounted rate with tracking #

Please, don't hesitate to message or email any questions to me regarding the piece, OR any custom size /colors order, and I'll respond promptly.

Thank you for supporting us Berber mountain artisans, and enabling us to further do good in our community. I cannot wait to see the piece styled in your home!

~ Ms Zayania Assya
Our Do Good project: @BarefootFund

🌸 I'm a Berber woman carefully curating the most beautiful vintage and also new rugs to you for reasonable prices, and compensating previous rug owners very fairly and giving back constantly through @Barefootfund

Thank you for your support and for making a difference 🌸