Vintage Morrocan Rug 1940s Vintage Azilal rug, UNIQUE Moroccan rug Antique rug berber rug VAZ-21

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282 x 136 cm

9.25 x 4.5 ft

I gasped when I saw this. Stunning circa 1940s azilal rug. Absolutely enthralling authentic and one of a kind. The real deal!

RARE rug and color. Second time in years I Come across these tones and palette in a vintage rug. First and last one I found and listed sold out fast and was asked by many to replicate, but a new rug won't ever be this shimmery or these tones until it ages over decades and decades.

Wool is thin, shimmery as an antique vintage moroccan rug should be on the natural wool. Please see close up photos.
I call this HENNA

Proceeds go to previous owner of this vintage gem, made by his late wife in the 1940s

Shipping to door via Express DHL 3-5 days after order worldwide, at discounted rate with tracking #

Please, don't hesitate to message or email any questions to me regarding the piece, OR any custom size /colors order, and I'll respond promptly.

Thank you for supporting us Berber mountain artisans, and enabling us to further do good in our community. All rugs are made and curated with love.

~ Ms Zayania Assya
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