Moroccan Rug 5x8 ft, Colorful Gray Abstract patterns, Soft Azilal Rug Fair-Trade Fine Berber Rug

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5x8 ft
This gray moroccan rug is an authentic berber high atlas rug, Softest Azilal Rug Fair-Trade Fine Berber Rug. My fellow weavers in my community weave the finest rugs for we all share whatever profit we make and so they bring out the best of our craft to you.

This is a unique rug from Zayania rugs designed and cutated with love and passion by a berber woman , limited rugs.

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Thank you شكرا

Shipping to door via Express DHL 3-5 days after order worldwide, at discounted rate with tracking #

Please, don't hesitate to message or email any questions to me regarding the piece, OR any custom size /colors order, and I'll respond promptly.
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Thank you your support to the middle atlas artisans of Morocco

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